Note from Bishop Basil regarding the Maaloula Convent attack, 12/2/2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
While we have been celebrating our Thanksgiving and are preparing for Christmas, our  brethren in the Middle East continue to struggle for their very lives. Below is a short message from our own Bishop BASIL.  Please continue to remember them in your daily prayers.

Fr. Peter

maaloulaconventMAALOULA CONVENT is under attack again.  Report from H. Sabbagh of the SANA News Service dated December 2nd: ”Local sources in the town of Maaloula in the Damascus Countryside said that terrorists broke into St Thekla Convent and held Mother Superior Pelagia Sayyaf and a number of nuns hostage.  The source told SANA that the terrorists also committed acts of vandalism in the town’s neighborhoods and around the convent, attacking locals and targeting them with sniper fire.  Head of  the Higher Committee for Relief & Social Affairs, Minister Kinda al-Shammat, voiced concern over this incident, holding the terrorist groups and the countries that fund and arm them responsible for the lives of the Mother Superior and the nuns they are holding hostage.  Al-Shammat called on the international community and organizations to pressure the countries supporting terrorists to release the hostages along with all abductees held by terrorists in Syria.”

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