Orthodoxy in America

Holy Orthodoxy in the Americas

In 1794, a small group of missionaries landed on Kodiak Island, Alaska, bringing to the New World the Orthodox Faith of the Apostles. Over the next two hundred years, with the help of immigration detailcrossclearfrom Europe and the Middle East, the Apostolic Faith spread throughout the entire North American continent.

Today, the Orthodox Church in North America, as throughout the world, is characterized by her diverse ethnic and cultural expressions of “the faith once delivered to the saints.”

Administratively, the churches in the New World developed as missionary dioceses or extensions of their mother churches abroad, thus resulting in the abnormality of there being several Orthodox jurisdictions in this land. Addressing this situation is one of the main jobs of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North & Central America.

Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North & Central America


The Assembly of Bishops is a council of all the active, canonical Orthodox bishops of North America. Its purpose is to deepen the ties of brotherhood among the bishops, give them a common and united voice, and create a greater unity of action among all the Orthodox faithful of North America, thereby strengthening the Church’s witness to her faith in Jesus Christ.

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